Joshua Lowery Killed by Folsom Drunk Driver

Folsom Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Accident

A suspected Folsom drunk driver was arrested following a traffic accident on April 8 around 2:00 in the morning. The collision occurred when the vehicle struck a light pole and turned over. One passenger in the front seat of the Subaru Forester died from the crash. Others suffered moderate to minor injuries. The alleged Folsom drunk driver was identified as a Citrus Heights woman, age 21. The accident happened along southbound East Bidwell Street, which is near Folsom Lake College. I would like to extend my sympathy to the friends and family of Joshua Lowery, 28, of Cameron Park, who so tragically lost his life in this terrible collision.

Accident Details

Folsom police reported that one of the persons riding in the vehicle made a call to 911, saying that someone in the car had died. When personnel from the Folsom Fire Department arrived, the Folsom man, age 28, was discovered dead at the accident scene.

Folsom Drunk Driver Arrested

The 21-year-old female driver of the Subaru was taken into custody at the scene of the crash. Police believe she may have been speeding when the accident occurred as well as driving drunk. Investigators were at the Folsom drunk driver accident site as late as 7:30 in the morning to piece together what had happened. East Bidwell southbound traffic stayed closed near the entrance to the college while the investigation was carried out.

Evidence in a Car Crash

A personal injury lawyer with experience in the investigation of accidents can help determine what happened to cause the death of a passenger in a crash. This can be done by examining the motor vehicle, accident report, witness accounts, and crash site. Reconstruction specialists can determine exactly how a crash occurred. They can tell whether or not the driver attempted to stop or if the vehicle went out of control. Video footage may also be available. By determining how an accident happened, it can help build a case for a wrongful death claim. This helps the family recover their financial loss.

Folsom Wrongful Death Lawyer

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