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Vallejo Enforces Labor Day Weekend Checkpoints


Vallejo Enforces Labor Day Weekend Checkpoints – Officers of the Vallejo Police Department (VPD) have reported that they will be participating in a nationwide traffic enforcement campaign over Labor Day Weekend. The campaign, named “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” aims to reduce the number of drug and alcohol-related accidents that take place across the country over one of the nation’s most notorious DUI weekends. As part of the high-visibility campaign, VPD surprised local drivers with a DUI checkpoint at a high-traffic area in Vallejo on the weekend before Labor Day. During the warm-up checkpoint, VPD issued nearly twenty citations and impounded eight vehicles driven by individuals with suspended or absent licenses.

Campaign Information

The campaign officially began nationwide on Friday, August 17, 2018, and is scheduled to take place through Monday, September 3, 2018. VPD reported that their efforts would include increased patrols as well as additional checkpoints at key areas within the city. The campaign was funded by a grant given to the Vallejo Police Department from the California Office of Traffic safety by way of the National Highway Traffic Administration. VPD officers indicated that their participation in the national effort would help Vallejo raise awareness and curb a recent streak of fatal car accidents that have affected the city in 2018.

DUI Statistics

Studies have shown that fatal auto accidents in California involve a DUI driver around 30 percent of the time. One study that looked at active drivers showed that more intoxicated motorists test positive for drugs that impair driving ability than for alcohol itself. While drunk drivers accounted for about seven percent of drivers studied, drugged drivers made up over 14 percent. Additionally, the rate of drivers under the influence of marijuana was just slightly more than the number of drunk motorists.

Staying Safe

Drivers in Vallejo have been encouraged to make use of free apps on their mobile phones to curb DUI. Apps that drivers can download include Designated Driver VIP, an app that helps people locate nearby restaurants and bars that give free incentives to people who stay sober to drive their friends and loved ones home safely. These incentives often include free appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages, and more.

Drivers should also be aware that VPD will continue to pull over drivers who they believe may be under the influence. Being arrested for intoxicated driving often leads to sentences that can include jail time, fees, DUI classes, license suspension, and fines that sometimes cost over $10,000.

DUI and Injuries

When drivers operate their vehicles under the influence, they knowingly make a decision to put others in danger. For this reason, DUI drivers are considered negligent when they are involved in a crash, and the people they have injured can hold them responsible. The types of damages that DUI motorists can be held accountable for vary and include losses related to time off work, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

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