Distal Femur Fractures

Distal Femur Fractures

Car accidents are always severe, and even minor accidents could lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. That’s why it is important for everyone to make safety their top priority when they are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s efforts, car accidents are still prevalent. Thousands of people every year are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. Some statistics that have been recently released by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) have shown that:

  • Elderly individuals who are aged 65 or older make up about one out of every five people who are killed in motor vehicle collisions.
  • In 2016, more than 200 children under the age of 14 were killed in accidents involving alcohol intoxication.
  • More than half of the drivers in these accidents had blood-alcohol concentrations that were greater than the legal limit of 0.08.
  • Overall, in 2016, more than 34,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

One of the injuries that people could suffer in a car accident is a bone fracture. One of the thickest bones in the body, the femur, is one of the most commonly broken bones.

What is a Distal Femur Fracture?

The femur is the bone in the thigh, which is one of the thickest in the body. There are multiple ways that a bone can be described. Some of these include:

  • Medial: The portion of the bone is closer to the midline of the body.
  • Lateral: The segment of the bone that on the side of the body.
  • Proximal: Closer to the hip or shoulder.
  • Distal: Further away from the center, toward the end of the bone.

Using these descriptors, a distal femur fracture is a crack in the bone that is further away from the hip and close to the knee. A distal femur fracture is a challenging injury to treat. Some of the symptoms of this injury include:

  • Pain around the knee and thigh.
  • Possible swelling, bruising and bleeding at the site of the injury.
  • An inability to walk.

This injury is typically diagnosed using an x-ray of the leg, showing the crack in the bone.

Complications of a Distal Femur Fracture

Multiple complications can result from a fracture of the distal femur. Because the hamstring and quadriceps muscles run in this area, the muscles tend to contract when the fracture occurs. This contraction pulls the fragments out of place, meaning that the fracture will typically require surgery to repair.

Fractures of the distal femur are often accompanied by injury to the knee as well. This could include additional fractures of the patella or, possibly, injuries to the ligaments of the knee. This can consist of the ACL, MCL, PCL, or LCL. It is vital to obtain imaging of the knee anytime the distal femur has been fractured.

Watch YouTube Video: Distal Femur Supracondylar Fracture. The animated video below explains a distal femur fracture, the causes, and treatment.

Contacting an Attorney

When someone has suffered a broken femur, numerous complications might arise. Often, a femur fracture does not occur in isolation, and multiple injuries must be addressed. This can create a stressful situation, and individuals should know where to turn for help. Meeting with a femur fracture lawyer can help families work their way through this stressful situation by:

  • Providing families with an experienced voice that can act as a steady presence during a difficult time.
  • Contacting and speaking with accident engineers who can help to recreate the mechanisms behind the accident.
  • Reviewing the records of the accident to ensure that the proper liability has been assigned.
  • Help families seek financial rewards and damages for medical injuries, pain, and suffering.
  • Taking the case to court, if necessary.

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