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Comparing Electric Scooter Rentals in Sacramento

Comparing Electric Scooter Rentals in Sacramento

The Jump electric scooter has been around for a while in Sacramento. Starting at the end of July, the company had new competition when Lime, based in San Francisco, introduced 250 of their own scooters in the Sacramento area. So which one do you rent? Knowing the difference between Jump and Lime electric scooters may help you decide which one to go for the next time you choose to take one for a spin.

What a Lawyer Can Do for You

Our investigative team checks the police report for accuracy and interviews any witnesses to the crash. That isn’t enough though. We send our investigators to the crash site right away to determine how the accident happened and to gather evidence to prove fault by the negligent party. We look for evidence in damage to the roadway and check for video footage from street cameras and businesses. We look for additional witnesses that might have seen the accident. By the time we have finished, a strong case has been built proving your claim. This helps with negotiations with the insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to pay the necessary compensation, we prepare to present the case in civil court. As always, the client owes nothing until the case is won.


Jump electric scooters, which are owned by Uber, have been in Sacramento since early February and by the end of the month had about 1,000 electric bikes and scooters in service. The company is planning to expand its operation because of the popularity of these alternative travel options. Jump also rents their e-bikes, which have proved so popular that the use of Uber shared rides has fallen somewhat. Toward the end of July, Lime placed scooters around the city with about 20 percent in the southern and southeastern areas of Sacramento. 

The Difference between Jump and Lime E-Scooters

Jump has now released their second-generation scooters, which are larger, stop faster, and are tougher than their older model. They certainly look similar with their bright red paint and white logo, but the frame is stronger, and the wheels are larger to add stability. The brakes are improved too. The thumb-lever brake on the original scooter is gone. In its place is a handle brake like those found on bicycles. The new brake works on both wheels instead of one, so stopping should be easier and safer. Since electric scooters are known to have a somewhat short lifespan of about one month, this new version may be more durable.

Lime scooters are on their third generation, which may have helped to get any previous bugs out. The battery is now under the floor, which improves its stability. The wheels are larger, front suspension improved, and these scooters can be operated in all types of weather. The original scooter, the Lime S, is probably the fastest of all those made by different companies. It’s questionable whether this is important since the speed limit for electric scooters is 15 mph. However, the Lime S was reported as difficult to handle because the batteries are in the front in a column, which could be a problem.

Pricing for Electric Scooter Rentals

Lime scooters are priced at $1 to unlock them, and then they cost you 20 cents a minute to operate. However, those who receive local, state, or federal assistance can get a 50 percent or higher discount through the Lime Access program.

Jump scooters cost nothing to unlock. After that, you pay 25 cents a minute. After 15 minutes of use, they are prorated to the minute. To save more, if you choose a scooter that has a low battery and recharge that battery when you’re finished, you get your ride for free. In addition, you receive Uber cash to use on your next ride.

When to Consult With a Lawyer

An electric scooter can be a lot of fun and an economical, easy way to get around. However, negligence can cause someone riding a scooter to suffer serious injuries. In other cases, the scooter rider can cause an injury to a pedestrian or others. When an accident happens, having a seasoned lawyer by your side can make a difference in whether you are compensated or not. 

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