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Rancho Cordova Bicyclist Fatality – A bicycle accident fatality happened on September 20, 2018,  after the rider was struck by a speeding car on southbound Sunrise Boulevard. Although first responders attempted to save the man’s life, it was unsuccessful. Authorities with the East Sacramento California Highway Patrol (CHP) are investigating the cause of the accident, it is not believed that drugs or alcohol played a part in the collision.

I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of the decedent in this time of sorrow.

Rancho Cordova Bicyclist Fatality Accident Details

The collision happened around 8:00 in the evening when the bicycle rider, age 43, was struck and killed by a Toyota Echo being driven by a Fair Oaks man, age 41. According to the CHP, the driver of the Toyota was driving above the speed limit in order to enter Highway 50 when the collision happened. The bicyclist was traveling in exactly the same lane. Officers who investigated the accident also reported that the rider’s bicycle had no lights, which are required in California, and he was not wearing reflective strips or clothing. After dark, the lack of safety measures such as these makes it more difficult for a motorist to spot a bicycle rider. It was reported that the driver of the Toyota remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities.

Rancho Cordova Statistics

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 27 traffic collisions in 2015 that resulted in injuries and fatalities in Rancho Cordova. Five of those riding bicycles were fifteen years old or younger. The exact number of those who represented a Rancho Cordova bicyclist fatality is unknown. In that same year, 620 bicyclists in Sacramento County were injured or died in bike traffic collisions.

What Contributes to a Bicyclist Fatality?

Speeding is a major contributor to all types of car accidents but is especially dangerous when a motorist strikes a bicyclist or pedestrian. In 2015, Sacramento County had the highest number of speeders in the state, placing first in California with 2,923 accidents with driving over the speed limit as a factor. There are other causes of bicycle accidents, including poorly maintained sidewalks and roadway hazards such as potholes. Prevention is key to lowering the number of bicycle accidents.

Recovering Damages in a Bicyclist Fatality

Because California is a comparative fault state, those who are involved in an accident caused by negligence may share the blame for a collision. In the above case, the bicycle rider could be cited for not having a headlight on the front of the bike. However, bicyclists are allowed to “take the lane” if there is no alternative. In addition, the driver of the vehicle appeared to be speeding, which is a traffic infraction. If the bicyclist is assigned 30 percent of the fault in the collision, and the speeder is assigned 70 percent, the family of the cyclist would still be able to collect 70 percent of the monies awarded for his or her wrongful death.

Liability in a Bicycle Accident

The circumstances that surround a bicycle accident have an effect on liability. In some cases, a bicyclist can share the responsibility for an accident. The type and usage of a motor vehicle that is involved in an accident can have an effect on the way compensation is approached. For instance, if the motorist was at fault for the accident and was working as a delivery driver, the company that employed him or her would also be liable for the damages. This complexity demands that the plaintiff have an experienced injury lawyer at their side.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Rancho Cordova

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