3 Car Crash Sends 5 People to a Hospital


3 Car Crash Sends 5 people to a Hospital

I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn Car Accident Lawyer. Three cars piled up in a crash that sent five people to a hospital including a child on Monday, July 24.

What Happened?

The car accident occurred one mile west of Everybody’s Inn on Foresthill Road, eight miles out from Auburn at around 9:30 a.m. Two of the vehicles involved were four-door sedans, one of which sustained heavy damage to both the front and the back of the vehicle. According to news reports, a woman driving one of those sedans with three children took the hardest impact.

Foresthill Firefighters, American Medical Response Paramedics, and law enforcement officers all responded to the scene. Traffic was stopped while the debris from this accident could be analyzed and then cleaned up. After that, officers allowed one lane through the crash site, one direction at a time.

Firefighters and paramedics called in two helicopters to transport two victims to a near by hospital as fast as possible. One of the victims put in a helicopter was a child that was in the sedan that took the hardest hit and the other was a woman who was driving one of the other vehicles involved. Three other victims were taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Traffic was back to normal flow by 11 a.m. that same morning after all the cars were towed and law enforcement documented the crash for an ongoing investigation. As of right now, no reports on how it actually happened, or what caused the crash have been given. The Auburn Journal stated that they will follow up with a more detailed article on the incident when more information is released.

Foresthill Road

Foresthill Road is a stretch of roadway that extends out northeast from the city of Auburn. In between the town of Foresthill and Auburn, the road becomes quite curvy as it winds down from the mountains and hills in the El Dorado National Forest. The road is, for the most part, two lanes with a double yellow line separating oncoming traffic. Many of the accidents in the past have been because people drifted or crossed over those yellow lines.

Letters to the Auburn Journal and other publications have been written by many concerned citizens about the safety of Foresthill Road. Some say that the road needs more police or sheriff presence to deter speeding which happens frequently. The twists and turns combined with the downward grade have also caused people to misjudge the capabilities of their vehicles and end up losing control. Many things have been proposed to reduce the number of accidents along Foresthill Road but the most effective would be to have better, more alert, and more responsible drivers.

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