Physiomesh Products: Most Commonly Reported Side Effects


Physiomesh Products: Most Commonly Reported Side Effects

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Physiomesh injury attorney. My firm represents clients who’ve discovered that this implanted hernia device has failed to improve their surgical conditions in keeping with the manufacturer’s claims. Unfortunately, many of these product liability plaintiffs develop serious complications that require additional surgeries. In some cases, the patients’ health is so greatly worsened that surgery is no longer advisable. Our firm is prepared to evaluate your serious injuries so you can receive fair and just compensation for your losses.

When people’s bodies reject a Physiomesh product, this may be due to some of its components, including polypropylene. The reported side effects often fall in a set number of distinct categories. Reviewing the following list may help you determine if your current health problems were caused by this product.

Types of Side Effects/Medical Problems Commonly Referenced by Sufferers:

  • Recurrence of hernia difficulties. Over time, patients may discover that the initial hernia surgery failed and that one or more corrective surgeries are necessary;
  • Severe abdominal pain develops. This usually appears in the form of nausea, fever or chills;
  • New abdominal masses or fistulas form. After surgery, patients and their doctors can palpitate their surgical area and feel new masses that didn’t previously exist. In some cases, this may be due to the “mesh” product migrating and repositioning itself in a new part of the body – sometimes even “sticking” to other body tissues. Some tissue adhesions can then cause constricted blood flow or even necrosis (tissue death);
  • Infections or abscesses appear. Infected drainage may appear near the surgery site or elsewhere. Abscesses can occur below the diaphragm, behind the person’s abdominal cavity – or elsewhere in the abdomen. Infections within the abdominal walls requiring additional surgery can also develop. The multiple-layer coating or surface of the Physiomesh may even trap or breed bacteria. Antibiotics are often required to advance patient healing;
  • Bowel obstructions. The contents of the patient’s bowels can become backed up, causing all foods, gastric acids, fluids, and gas to build up behind the blockage area. In some cases, the person’s intestines can rupture – causing the contents to then leak out into the abdominal cavity;
  • Problems caused by the mesh fragmenting. When the mesh product fails to stay in one place, it can easily travel around inside the person’s body causing both infections and various obstructions;
  • Pain complaints that may be tied to the special mesh “coating.” In at least one lawsuit, the lawyers alleged that the mesh’s outer layer is toxic to certain cells and can directly impede healing. Since the coating doesn’t allow fluids to pass through it, seromas can form — pockets of clear fluid that can develop after surgery and become easily infected.

Seeking Medical Attention Right Away

While no one client usually reports all these medical sources of pain or discomfort, many of them may still appear. Once you discover any signs of infection, it’s critical to schedule an immediate appointment with your treating physician so that appropriate diagnostic tests can be run. Some of the infections and abscesses named above can become deadly if left untreated too long.

Given the chance that some patients may experience bowel obstructions, it’s especially important to quickly report any signs of new constipation, abdominal pain or diarrhea to your doctor. Failing to seek immediate medical help when any of the symptoms named above appear can greatly worsen your condition. Likewise, such delays may force you to wait even longer before you can obtain the necessary clearance for any surgery that one of your doctors may be recommending.

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